SO/RSO Appreciation Day

TSSA held a Safety Officer Appreciation day on Sunday, Jan 29th 2012 at Markham Park which was a combination of competition and training for our Safety Officers who attended. The day was a combination of Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun that included the range portion of familiarization and operation of several variations of carbines and tactical shotguns that are regularly seen at our matches.

The familiarization included drills where each SO/ RSO practiced manipulations and running shooters in various basic shooting positions.

Fine tuning stages for matches and running shooters through interesting scenarios addressed problems that have been observed in past with shooters who bend rules in order to gain an unfair advantage.

This training was part of continuing education for our safety officers in order to manage better matches and offer our members a wider variety of matches and events scheduled throughout the year. In February, TSSA is hosting a Trauma & First Aid course at Markham Park for our members and Safety Officers taught by one of our SO’s who is a senior Paramedic instructor.