Gunshot Wound Trauma, First Aid, and CPR AAR

25 Members and Safety Officers from TSSA attended an 8 hour class on Gunshot Wound Trauma, First Aid, and CPR class that included a segment on emergency procedures for the two facilities which we hold our scheduled events. The course was presented by Jerry Defalco who is a senior firefighter-paramedic by profession as well as Safety Officer for the club.

The course discussed recognizing the differences in traumatic injuries and meaning of following prudent practices in rendering critical aid during the first minutes after an injury occurs. The course made use of the ample supply of training aids and emphasized class participation in practical simulations that gave emphasis to the priorities in first aid care and preparation for the arrival of the first responders who are the next step in treating injured persons.

Jerry took time to completely answer everyone’s questions covering the entire spectrum of injuries and illnesses that can be potentially encountered to explain the symptoms, their causes, various treatments and procedures used in Advanced Life Support and the differences in what a first aid person should focus on.

Just some of the areas covered included :

•1) To teach a bunch of Gun Enthusiasts how to treat gun shot trauma
•2) To give a good understanding of Ballistics and gunshot injuries
•3) To give a good understanding of Spinal immobilization and back boarding procedures
•4) To give a good understanding of First aid and its purpose
•5) To give a good understanding of splinting and bandaging and its purpose
•6) Give understanding of treating for shock
•7) Discuss possible outcomes

•8) Discuss universal precautions
•9) Hands on real  training, classroom setting
•10) CPR
•11 Quik Clot:Do’s and Dont’s

Members that completed the course are receiving a course completion certificate and optional CPR card for their wallets.

The members who attended appreciated Jerry’s depth of knowledge and expertise and are grateful for his assistance to the club in providing supplies and equipment needed in order to be properly equipped for safety at our events.