This is our place for news on courses and training opportunities in addition to our regularly scheduled matches. TSSA has many members who give back to our membership community by donating additional time in organizing or conducting training courses for our membership.

First up, our newly remodeled New Shooter program we have named:

TSSA First Steps to IDPA

- Offered Monthly at Drills night. First Tuesday of every month.

This course is taught by Certified NRA Instructors and long standing IDPA Master class competitors. It is a hybrid course that takes new shooters through their first steps for an IDPA or club event so they will be familiar with the skills required to be a safe participant.

First Steps Carbine Course  

If you own an AR pattern rifle and have not attended a fourmal course on how to operate and maintain the gun, this course if for you. It is being offered by TSSA as an introductory program to help shooters have a better fundamental understanding in a hands on classroom and range setting.

Read the Feb 23rd AAR

First Steps Tactical Shotgun

This course will be an introduction to tactical shotgun which is widely recognized as an excellent tool for home defense. This is a hands on introduction to the fundamantals of shotgun where the individuals can develop efficient skills safely operating .12 guage pump and semi automatic action shotguns.

GSW, First Aid and CPR

This course is taught by a senior EMT Paramedic and IDPA Safety officer. Students of the option of receiving cards from the American Heart Association for the CPR portion of the course.

2013 Class AAR


SO/RSO Annual Update

A combination of appreciation and annual update for our SO’s and RSO’s who volunteer their time and energy in running our matches and events. The program is a collaboration of training from our two IDPA Safety Officer Instructors,¬†NRA CRSO & Instructors who are part of the core of our safety officer cadre. The result is an enjoyable day of problem solving and¬†new firearm familiarization¬†that gives everyone¬†involved a common understanding of safety,stage design and match operation.

Tssa is offering our members the opportunity to become NRA Certified Range Safety Officers on range days when we can schedule combined classroom and range activities.

If you are a member and interested in this opportunity, speak to our of our board members.

 (registration is on the forum)