South Florida Defensive Carbine Club

We no longer are able to offer New Shooter briefings on Match Night. We require all new participants to attend one of our Drill Nights before joining our 4th Tuesday nite matches. 

Please review the rules at the link below.

IF YOU ARE NEW, Click here for gear suggestions. (This is a clue)

December 2013 Carbine Drills 

The South Florida Defensive Carbine Club brings defensive rifle shooting to the South Florida area.  SFDCC employs the rifle or carbine in various defensive scenario stages. SFDCC matches are scheduled and managed by TSSA staff and occur on the 4th Tuesday evening of every month, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Markham Park Target Range in Sunrise, FL.

The only classes or categories are for sighting systems, and otherwise you shoot what you have and so does everyone else. Iron sight shooters compete in one division with optics shooters in another. But don’t think you will absolutely be at an advantage if you show up with a totally tricked out AR15, or you will be at a disadvantage if you come with a bone stock SKS. Your gear rarely makes a difference in our shoots. The one who thinks quickly and clearly while shooting straight usually is the one to come out on top regardless of what rifle it is they shoot with.

The emphasis here is on having fun and utilizing a firearm in dynamic scenarios that are not available to the residents of South Florida in any other format currently. We do keep score, but the purpose of the score is largely so you can gauge your own progress and performance as it compares to other shooters.

If you want to participate, all you need is a center fire rifle or carbine (center fire pistol calibers are fine), a sling (hasty or tactical), at least two magazines, and at least 100 rounds of ammunition. Pouches, optics, lights, and other equipment are completely optional. Bi-pods are not allowed.

Range safety is our primary concern. As such, the following rules are absolute, and violations will result in the participant being asked to leave the range. Please ensure that you are competent in the loading, unloading, and safe operation of all of your firearms. This is not the environment in which to bring out a brand new firearm that you have never fired before. Dryfire and practice of firearm manipulations (loading, unloading, reloading, operating the bolt, transition to handgun, etc.) at home is key to your safe gunhandling and to your performance in the matches. Kyle Lamb’s book Green Eyes Black Rifles is an excellent resource to learn these basics. While it is not THE way but is instead A way, some way is better than none.

SFDCC Match Rules


If you have questions regarding our monthly matches, you can email or if you are a new shooter, contact