Our Safety Officers



We are fortunate to have a team of volunteers that work to put on matches every week with experience going back to the early days of IDPA.

Our Safety Officer program has evolved from the those days, and our SOs now make use of their major match experience in mentoring newer members who have expressed a desire to learn about the sport of IDPA and to help with our matches.

Members of the Class of 2014 awarded their red SO shirts

Members of the Class of 2014 awarded their red SO shirts

In addition to IDPA, we provide cross training to our Safety Officers to also work at our Rifle, Shotgun and Multi-gun Events.


This year we instituted a certification program offered through the National Rifle Association for Range Safety Officers for our members.






  Our safety officers are members who volunteer their time and energy for the benefit of our sport.


 If you have the desire to take a course towards becoming a Range Safety Officer or IDPA SO, you are encouraged to volunteer.

We are planning to hold another IDPA Safety Officer class in the fall. If you are interested in becoming an SO, please check the SO Requirements in the IDPA Rulebook. Then, download, print, and fill out this form:

IDPA Safety Officer Training Application Form (Rev 130629)

You must be sponsored by your club’s Match Director or Club Contact. Acceptance into the class is not automatic, but all applications will be considered. Thanks for volunteering.