NRA Affiliated Events

Mark your calendars for June 11.

The 2014 Friends of NRA Banquet is set to take place at Signature Grand again this year. Click HERE for a link to the


Click HERE to read about the mission statement.

We hope to see everyone there for the event.


TSSA Featured in the new NRA Sports Magazine

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We¬†have 15 new Range Safety Officers to add to our cadre of NRA certified Instructors and RSO’s.

On December 1st¬†we held¬†club training for our IDPA Certified Safety officers so they would also have NRA certification as RSO’s. All of the candidates completed the program and testing and we have submitted their paperwork to HQ. Congradulations to our new RSO’s. Our next RSO course will be opened to our entire membership for shooters that are interested in becoming certified.


Someone say 3 Gun?

On November 17, 2012, we held a Club Championship Challenge for our members who enjoyed a one day, 9 Stage event shooting pistol, carbine and shotgun. The NRA sponsored the awards. They were standards based stages meaning we challenged everyone with their marksmanship and manipulation at speed while being timed.

Yes, you can take off your man jammies to attend. Just please replace them with blue jeans or tactical pants so we can avoid the visuals.

Here are the stages for the match.  TSSA 3 Gun Challenge

Results can be viewed here: NRA 3 Gun Club Championship

And a few photos from the event

And a link to the NRA Blog about this match:




With the sheer number of shooters we have met over the years at our various events, it is  inevitable that a club involved in promoting shooting sports will become involved with, or attend events hosted or run by the National Rifle Association.

TSSA is one of them.

For years, many of our members and safety officers have been Certified Range Safety Officers and Instructors in virtually all of the discliplines offered by the NRA.

This year, our club began a new effort to bring our club affiliation to a new level for our members, friends and families. One important event we are highlighting, is the Greater Broward Friends of NRA who were sponsors at our recent sanctioned match.

Their 2012 Friends of NRA Banquet & Auction is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13th, at the Signature Grand in Davie from 5:30 PM till 10 PM.¬†They will feature items¬†from the TV series “Gunsmoke” and the movie “Tombstone” not to mention a long list of firearms and collectables that you can view by clicking here. The remainder of their literature can be downloaded below.





Read about our evening at the Banquet here


In other news…

TSSA has introduced a new program for New Shooters that is a hybrid of the NRA First Steps Pistol course and Introduction to IDPA which we have appropriately named

TSSA First Steps to IDPA

Over the last three years, we discovered that 4 out of 5 of our new shooters visiting us only had their CCW course (or less) for their training. The demand for training that bridges the gap between a CCW course and a Tactical Pistol course led to our creating this program that placed emphasis on a new shooter learning the fundamentals of safe gun handling and an introduction holster work.  The course was put together with our Certified NRA instructors along with Master class competitors. We are receiving compliments from students who have attended because we have the ability to move the instruction to a challenging level for students who have interest in competition as compared to simply self defense.

Due in part to the popularity of this program and also from the demand we are experiencing, we have added an additional program for our new carbine club shooters which, is very similar to the Rifle Course offered by NRA although it is limited in scope to the carbine. We have named it First Steps Carbine. If you are interested in this course, let our club know via email or at an event and we will look for another date to schedule this.

Here is the After Action link for our recent class.

We also plan to offer a First Steps to Defensive Shotgun later in the year as dates open up. Keep an eye out for announcements on the web site here or our forum if you are already a member of our club.