New Shooters

First off, we welcome you!

New shooters are the lifeblood of our club, and IDPA in a larger sense.


Attending your first match is an experience that opens new doors to the shooting sports as well as the way you shoot. Some of our members love the defensive skill-building, while others go on to compete on a national scale. Others are simply interested in enjoying the close knit atmosphere of like minded shooters that attend our matches. They network and go on to attend events together in South Florida, and across the state and country. Whatever your interest in shooting is, it is important for you to realize that all of our shooters were new to the club and IDPA at one time. You are not alone.


It is our desire to welcome you to TSSA and the sport while insuring that you are comfortable, and safe while shooting with us. TSSA has shooters from every walk of life and skill level and many of our members are available to answer questions to help you get started. The most notable of these is the core of our Safety Officers who donate their time and energy to run squads through the stages of our matches and practice sessions.

It is necessary for you to download and read this material so you may familiarize yourself with helpful information before attending a club event.

When you arrive at a match with a club member or alone, let the person handling registration know that you are new to the club, and we will arrange to have you attend a safety briefing and shoot an introductory stage before the match. We do this to insure that your equipment is suited for shooting a match and that you are comfortable operating the firearm you brought out to shoot as well as to understand the basic rules of IDPA and the rules of our range.

As you continue to shoot and learn with our club, you will notice that each match has new and different stages and problems to solve from the week before. This is part of the spirit of IDPA, which uses hypothetical scenarios based on real events that have occurred or might occur. Other courses of fire are skills based stages that develop fundamental skills used in defensive based pistol shooting. This may be firing with one hand or shooting from strange or difficult positions, manipulating your gun under the pressure of a clock, and many more . Many stages are designed to keep you thinking while performing, others to increase your skills or stress you into mental mistakes where errors often occur.

We are a teaching club. We have several members who are involved in firearms training.

If you would like to first attend formal training in order to prepare for a matchClick Here

When you first join an event, we ask that you provide us with verifiable information that you have received prior FORMAL training that includes drawing from a holster. If you have not training with a certified instructor, or received a certificate of completion of a course involving drawing from concealment, we register you for the next available slot in our Tuesday night drills.  We encourage visitors to come out and watch for the first time in order to prepare themselves better when them join us to shoot.

IDPA is the fastest growing shooting sport in the USA. The demand for participation places increased responsibility of everyone to keep safety in the forefront of every time we plan a stage or a match. This is a family sport and we want you to feel safe when you bring everyone out for an outing.

Please take a moment to download the information we offer the general public and see how easy it can be to come out and participate. Welcome to TSSA and the sport of IDPA.