Club Info

Tropical Sport Shooting Association is a South Florida club dedicated to the enjoyment of shooting sports featuring matches following International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) in particular.

IDPA is a draw from the holster, action shooting sport that stresses cover, concealment, and tactics in field courses that take the shooter through real-life simulations of self-defense scenarios. IDPA courses of fire are never the same. Props are used to simulate cars, doors and walls for realism. TSSA may includes rifle and/or shotgun elements in some of the matches.

Matches are held at two range facilities in the South Florida area; Homestead Training Center on the 2nd Saturday of every month and Markham Park Target Range in Sunrise on the 4th Saturday of every month.

We are comprised by shooters of many levels: from the beginners that just bought their first self defense sidearm to truly gifted individuals that are Masters in the sport. We strive to be a teaching club and we enjoy introducing individuals to IDPA and the shooting sports in general. Our more advanced shooters take pride mentoring new members, teaching them the finer points of the sport, and how enjoy remaining safe while enjoying a good day at the range.

What do you need when you come out?

Your gun, a good belt, concealment holster that covers the trigger guard, and at least 3 magazines or speed loaders in their pouches. It is mandatory to bring good shooting glasses and ear protection to protect your eyes and ears. A vest, loose jacket, or long shirt for concealment is also required. Also between 100 to 120 rounds of ammunition for your particular handgun might be used in a match.

We provide cover for shade and TSSA provides drinks for everybody. Several members bring their own folding chairs.