Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can shoot an IDPA event?
Anybody 12 years and older and who has no legal restrictions about owning a firearm. But we will allow safe younger shooters under supervision to shoot a match. Young shooters will be allowed to use .22 caliber handguns.

How much does it cost to shoot an IDPA event?
Club Members pay $20 per match. Non-Members pay $25

What kind of a gun do I need?
Just a regular and safe handgun will do. No special gizmos or gadgets are required. No racing guns are allowed in IDPA. Calibers must be .38 and higher. A good intro is located here.

What else should I bring to shoot? First and foremost, eye and ear protection. A cover garment (Shirt, vest, etc.) A good holster for your gun and magazine or speedloader pouches if you are shooting revolver. Good comfortable closed shoes and comfortable clothing. Open toe shoes and upper garments with deep v-cuts are not recommended unless you want to experience hot ejected brass against the skin. It hurts!

What are the requirements for concealment for a match?
The cover garment of your choosing should not be specially made for competition and should cover the gun and any pouches when your arms are extended horizontally (Scarecrow position.)

Can I just watch a match?
Of course! Drop by during any match day and you can watch all you want and ask questions about the sport.

I just want to improve my shooting; I am not interested in the competition. Can I just shoot for practice?
Yes, it is a valid reason to shoot IDPA. Many just shoot to acquire basic self defensive skills that cannot be obtained by shooting in a static range. IDPA let’s you shoot on the move, from different positions and with different hands. It is a great basic training tool.

What is a classifier?
In IDPA you compete against those who have similar skills and type of gun as you. In order to properly rate you, IDPA has a match called the Classifier which will determine your level through a series of specific courses of fire that every IDPA member has to shoot. We usually have Classifiers whenever there is a fifth Saturday in a month.

Do I need a concealed carry permit to shoot IDPA?
No, you do not.

Is IDPA safe?
As with any sport involving firearms, there is an inherent danger. But we are observant of the Four Rules of Gun Safety and we take them very seriously. Unsafe gun handling is not permitted and playing around with a handgun will give the perpetrator an immediate goodbye from our club. We have a great bunch of Safety Officers but each and every member of the club also looks out for everybody else. Safety is First at all times. There is a Safety Briefing at the beginning of every match for the New Shooters may they be experienced shooters that have never shot with us before or brand new shooters that have no experience with IDPA or the Action Shooting Sports. You can get more detailed info at the New Shooter’s page.

What does it cost to be a TSSA member?
Yearly fee is $35.00.

Do I need to be a member of IDPA to shoot with TSSA?
You can shoot one match with us without having to be an IDPA member. After that match and as per IDPA rules, you must become an IDPA Member.

What else does the club offer?
I am glad you asked! TSSA offers every First Tuesday a Drills Night for both Handgun and Carbine. We run through the basics and they are great practice to keep those shooting skills fresh. We also have South Florida Defensive Carbine Club every fourth Tuesday Night. SFDCC is a competition based on using a rifle in a defensive situation. Check the links for more info.

Where do you shoot?
We shoot on the second Saturday of the month at Trail Glades Range on the Tactical Range and on fourth Saturday at the Markham Park Range.

Any other questions you may have, please send an email to evilwebmaster(at)tssaidpa(dot)us