Tuesday Night Drills

TSSA conducts both pistol and rifle drills on the first Tuesday evening of each month at the Markham Park Target Range beginning at 6 PM and ending at 9:30 PM.  Cost is $80 for New Shooters, $25 for guests and $20 for TSSA members.

These drills include basic marksmanship, gun handling and fundamental exercises and are a good opportunity to work on variety of individual skills.

All firearms must enter and leave the range UNLOADED and CASED.  One rifle and one pistol allowed on the range at a time.  Please follow the instructions on the signs at arrival.

Shooters are expected to participate in the range set up and tear down as part of the scheduled practice. By helping, everyone has the opportunity to spend more time on focused drills by having completed all the preliminary set up and registration by 7pm in time for first shots. Reloading the trailer only takes 5 minutes on completion of the drills when everyone polices their own target/s.

For Pistol Drills you will need:

  1. a pistol
  2. at least two magazines (more is better) or speedloaders
  3. holster that is secure and allows the shooter a way to holster with one hand.
  4. a way to carry magazines or speedloaders on your body (i.e. magazine pouches) .
  5. 200 rounds +/- of ammunition

For Rifle Drills you will need:

  1. a rifle (magazine fed)
  2. at least three magazines (more is better)
  3. a rifle sling which allows the carbine to hang in a muzzle-down orientation
  4. a way to carry magazines on your body (i.e. magazine pouches, a chest rig or vest, etc.).
  5. 200 rounds +/- of ammunition

It is recommended that you bring a pistol and at least one magazine and 50 rounds of ammunition for it, as well as a holster, as we do work on transitions from carbine to pistol from time to time.