We Are Marching Along More Shooting For You

2nd Saturday Homestead Training Center!!

03/11/17   (2nd Sat.)            

8am to 1pm (on site & signed up by 8:30 am)

Second Saturday IDPA Match

@ Homestead Training Center

$20 Members/$25 Guests

If you are going to be late

Call Roger @ 305-496-3623 to sign you up over the phone.

Directions to the range are on the website’s home page. (Don’t use online maps).


3rd Saturday Fla Keys IDPA – Key Largo

03/18/17 (3rd sat)

8AM till done.

Fla Keys Shooting Club

They have some great Courses of Fire!

Check out the link on our TSSA Home Page.


3rd Sunday Homestead Training Center!!

Steel Challenge

03/19/17 (3rd Sun.)     The date is correct…..      

8am to 1pm (on site & signed up by 8:30 am)

The Steel Challenge Match

@ Homestead Training Center

$20 Members/$25 Guests

Directions to the range are on the website’s home page. (Don’t use online maps).






4th Saturday Markham Park

 03/25/17     (4th Sat)

8am to 1pm (on site & signed up by 830am)

Fourth Saturday IDPA Match

@ Markham Park Target Range

$20 Members/$25 Guests

If you are going to be late

Call Roger @ 305-496-3623 to sign you up over the phone


 4th Tuesday Night Carbine Match

03/28/17 (4th Tues night)        

6pm – 930pm (Sign up by 630pm)

Fourth Tuesday Night Carbine Match

South Florida Defensive Carbine

@ Markham Park Target Range

$25 Members / $30 Guests.

Late arrivals must call 305-496-3623 to shoot.


2017 Florida State IDPA Championship                                                                                                          

Our State Match Was Great…. Thanks to all who help out!!!!!


It is also TSSA membership renewal time, as of January 2017

You can renew at the matches, or look for the notice in your e- mail.




It’s called Homestead TRAINING Center for a reason!!

Check their website for all the upcoming training on their schedule….


Get more info on the Homestead Training Center


Range number: 305-224-1839.



311 N.W. 19 Street Homestead, FL 33030


International Defensive Pistol Association, Club #004

IDPA is a draw-from-the-holster action shooting sport that stresses concealment, cover and tactics in field courses that take the shooter through real-life simulations of self-defense scenarios. IDPA courses are never the same. We use props to simulate cars, doors and walls for realism.

TSSA provides a Drills & Training Night on the FIRST Tuesday night of every month at Markham Park Target Range from 6 to 10 pm: Experience your choice of challenging Pistol Drills with Tim Zimmerman (USMC) and Roger Zimmerman; New Pistol Class with Jose Garcia, Enrico Metzler, Larry Wheeler, Seth Gersten and Debbie Zimmerman; or Rifle & Carbine Drills and Training with Jim “Griff” Griffis, Clint El Ramey and Bob Youngs.

TSSA’s South Florida Defensive Carbine Club shoots on the FOURTH Tuesday night every month (verify schedule). SFDCC requires shooters first attend a Drills & Training Night for a safety briefing and clearance before moving on to SFDCC matches.

BRING your gun and gun belt with a concealment holster that covers the trigger guard, and we suggest at least three (3) magazines or speed loaders in ammo pouches. It is mandatory to bring good shooting glasses to protect your eyes, and bring ear protection, too. A vest, loose jacket, or long shirt for concealed carry is a good idea. Sunscreen, mosquito spray and hats would be nice. Both ranges have some cover. Tropical tries to provide drinks for everybody.


PISTOL = 100 to 150 rounds

RIFLE = 100 rounds (.223 rifles)

MEMBERS shoot for $20 and GUESTS shoot for $25 a match. Specialty matches are more. Club dues are $35 per year, $15 covers each additional immediate member of your family who would like to join. Membership dues ($40) with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) are separate. We are a teaching club – everyone is welcome.


Roger Zimmerman

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