Welcome to 2017 and a new shooting year

1st Tuesday Night Pistol and Rifle Drills and New Shooter Classes

1/03/2017 (1st Tues night)

6pm – 930pm (Sign-up by 630pm)

First Tuesday Night Drills

Pistol and Rifle Drills and New Shooter Classes

@ Markham Park Target Range

$20 Members / $25 Guests / $80 New Shooter Class

Now is your chance to practice!

Late arrivals must call 305-496-3623 to shoot.

New Shooters Class students MUST be ON TIME (6:30pm).


Homestead Training Center!!

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

Match January 7th & 8th 2017                                                        

Our Inaugural GSSF Match is this week.

We need your help to run this event.

These events are much larger than anything we are used to at IDPA matches and the key to making this event successful will be to have plenty of help to keep things flowing. We calculated something on the order of 150 staff. You get the idea.

To volunteer: http://www.shoothtc.com/uncategorized/volunteer-to-work-gssf-match-here/
We plan to hold raffles for staff as well as making plenty of time for you to come out and earn your next gun or two from Glock.

We have arranged for food on site and are bringing in vendors to keep you entertained with SWAG and goodies.

We hope you consider joining us.


Please check out shoothtc.com  or TSSAs forum for more info.


2nd Saturday Homestead Training Center!!

1/14/17 (2nd Sat.)            

8am to 1pm (on site & signed up by 830 am)

Second Saturday IDPA Match

@ Homestead Training Center

$20 Members/$25 Guests

If you are going to be late

Call Roger @ 305-496-3623 to sign you up over the phone.

Directions to the range are on the website’s home page. (Don’t use online maps).


3rd Saturday Fla Keys IDPA – Key Largo

1/21/17 (3rd sat)

8AM till done.

Fla Keys Shooting Club

They have some great Courses of Fire!

Check out the link on our TSSA Home Page


4th Tuesday Night Carbine Match

1/24/17 (4th Tues night)        

6pm – 930pm (Sign up by 630pm)

Fourth Tuesday Night Carbine Match


Our State Match is nearly full….

2017 Florida State  IDPA Championship                                                                                                 March 3-5, 2017(Fri/Sat/Sun)

Homestead Training Center

Florida’s original IDPA club, the Tropical Sport Shooting Association (TSSA. #004), host of the 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2016 State Matches and the South Florida Defensive Challenge, will present the 2017 Florida State IDPA Championship with great support from other clubs around the state. Shooting Club, under Match Director Larry Wheeler.  Go to our website for all the info  and to sign up!!


It is also TSSA membership renewal time, as of January 2017

You can renew at the matches, or look for the notice in your e- mail.


It’s called Homestead TRAINING Center for a reason!!

Check their website for all the upcoming training on their schedule….

Get more info on the Homestead Training Center

www.range29.com  or www.ShootHTC.com

Range number:  305-224-1839.

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